The new playground, July 2024

*but see the note at the bottom of this page regarding the Ash tree

Here are shots taken on 7th July, before opening

Target reached -and exceeded!

See our Design page for details of the new playground

Our huge thanks goes to WCC SW Area Board, the Discworld Foundation and The National Lottery along with many others who contributed small and large: Broad Chalke Parish Council, Chalke Valley Fete, the private donations, those who bought a glass of fizz at our champagne bar and those who came to “lambing live” last year. A sincere and huge thanks to everyone who contributed. It’s all these small pots of money along with all the incredible ideas, suggestions and feedback on this group which gave us the basis to approach the lottery. Without all of this we wouldn’t have stood a chance.

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* Sadly the huge old Ash tree at the centre of this photo has succumbed to die back. Wiltshire County Council have arranged for it to be taken down 🙁 . Currently scheduled for late July / early August